When your passion meets your purpose and opportunity presents itself, great things can happen.


That’s what happened to Coach Stark many years ago when his eldest son announced his intention to play tackle football. Never a proponent of starting tackle before puberty, Bill (not yet “Coach”) was surprised by his son’s decision. Reminded of his own, terrible youth football experience, he immediately concluded that he was going to have to help coach his son’s team.


It’s not as if Bill wasn’t already a football junkie. Having given up on his own dream of coaching High School football for financial and family reasons, he had recently taken up Officiating High School Football. Initially motivated by a persistent desire to be around the game coupled with an ever-increasing intolerance of the current level of Officiating, Bill was instantly smitten. Being on the field, around the players and coaches, building relationships with the other Officials (most of whom turned out not to be the grown-up versions of hall monitoring dorks he expected), added up to the most fun he’d had since hanging up his helmet after High School. His new-found obsession turned out to be a primer for what would be a transformative experience: coaching youth sports.


Volunteering to “help out” quickly turned into accepting the role of Defensive Coordinator for the 7-8 year old team. The rest of the staff was equally inexperienced, and – importantly – equally committed to being the best coaches they could be. Thus began a journey of self-education, self-discovery and selfless commitment to a group of boys who would end up changing his life forever.


After an amazing first season, the Head Coach stayed back with his son who had played up that year, leaving the Head Coach position vacant. Reluctantly, Bill gave in to the prodding of the parents and stepped into the role. He would never be the same.


Driven by an intense desire to give the boys their very best, the coaching staff dedicated themselves to learning how to coach the very complex sport of football to young kids. It was a quite a challenge. Each year brought new lessons, successes and opportunities for growth. As the years went on, the players and coaches refined their craft and the team enjoyed tremendous success. Most importantly, the players, coaches and parents thoroughly enjoyed themselves. There were some tough years in terms of wins & losses (3-7) and some great years, including a league Championship. Bill and his staff focused on continuously improving their ability to lead, teach and inspire the players. The result of that focus is Coach Assist.


We hope you benefit from the resources Coach Assist provides. Coach Stark is passionate about sharing what he and his staff learned over the past decade, as well as sharing the best of what others have learned. Please take a moment to see what’s available, and join in the conversation by leaving a comment or sending us an email. We’d love to hear from you!